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The most responsible thing you can do when it comes to your home renovations is ensuring you have professional building contractors. It is important to do your research and not let just anybody have access to your home. Establishing a good relationship with your contractor is vital, both for your peace of mind, and the safety of your home. However, many contractors will simply not take the time to get to know their customers, in the interest of getting the job done as quickly as possible. While speed in a home project is good, the person working on your home should have a strong understanding of what your vision is.
Our contractors at Modular pride themselves on establishing relationships with their clients. This is because Modular does not only build your home addition. We aim to be a "one stop” spot for all your home renovation needs. By using advanced technological software, Modular will provide you with an accurate estimate. After assessing your budget and the results you want, Modular will work with you to give you exactly the addition you need.
Aside from estimates, we can help you obtain permits and arrange financing. We will also work with you and your budget and help you select the proper size and design for your new home addition. All finishes can be selected from the comfort of our showroom. By selecting everything beforehand, you can make sure you are getting absolutely everything you want and that you will not be hit with any surprises during the process.

Aside from establishing trust, Modular aims to make the entire construction process as convenient as possible for you and your family. Sixty percent of the building occurs offsite in our factories. Once the addition is fabricated, our contractors can attach it to your home in a matter of hours. The next day, roofing shingles are added and your home is ready for its interior finishes. By selecting Modular, you are ultimately selecting convenience. There is no better way to expand your living space while remaining completely unaffected by the construction process. There is no dust, chaos or mess. The best part is that you do not have to uproot yourself from your home.
Modular can provide home additions for your living room, bedroom or kitchen. Our designs come in 700, 800, 900 and 1000 square feet versions. The process is highly organized and completely routine, so you will not be subjected to any surprises or issues that can come with the more traditional ways of construction. We also offer a special warranty program combined with an after sale customer service guarantee. Modular wants to ensure your complete satisfaction with our product. Call Modular for your accurate estimate of your new home addition and enhance your living space today.
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Our showroom is located in the East York area of Toronto. Please call or email us to set up an appointment.
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